The Reader by Bernard Schlink

Schlink’s The Reader speaks to a reader’s nostalgia at the age that the protagonist Michael Berg is experiencing at that moment. A teenage-boy noticing every twitch made by the opposite sex relives the fantasies, and the emotional confusion so often plaguing a young man who is still figuring himself out in the world. What unifies these experiences is a fluidity only accomplished by an author who not only knows himself in his own writing, but bleeds passion in every word. Schlink, without a doubt, loved Michael is if he were his own son, and Hanna as if she were a long-distanced object of his own affection.


About katepadilla

I write for the Spencer Daily Reporter in Spencer, Iowa. I keep blogs lifebythebooks, Save Me, San Francisco, and Beauty and Beast Buy a House. I'm also hard at work writing a short story collection inspired by the music of Train.

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