Bones are Forever

Bones are Forever, by Kathy Reichs. Scribner, 288 pp. $26.99

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Temperance Brennan is back once again in the latest novel by Kathy Reichs.

A young woman walks into the emergency room having seemingly just given birth, and at her home not one, not two, but three infant bodies are found. The babies were carried to full term and born before they were killed. The mother, soon after leaving the hospital, flees the country, and Tempe and her partner, Detective Andrew Ryan, are called to investigate.

The team follows the trail to Yellowknife, an aboriginal community in northern Canada.

Tempe and Detective Ryan have a history, though she also has a history with Sergeant Oliver Isaac Hasty, of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), who joins the team for this case.

Between the personal tension of the three colleagues, the mysterious activity at Yellowknife, and the information about the young mother, Tempe realizes that this case is different than other homicides she’s handled in the past.

Reichs has transformed the Temperance Brennan character to reach every audience. Her first, the character from her novels, is nearing middle-age, a highly-acclaimed forensic anthropologist who must privately handle a failed marriage and an adult daughter, in addition to the ebb and flow of her relationship with her partner. Bones are Forever is Reich’s fifteenth Temperance Brennan book.

This book series inspired the FOX show Bones, which will begin its eighth season on Sept. 17. The Temperance Brennan on this show, nicknamed “Bones” by FBI partner Seeley Booth, serves as a slightly younger  version of the character from the novels. She is also an accomplished forensic anthropologist, though she sees the world through a narrow, scientific eye. It is difficult for her to understand human emotion, particularly when that emotion is irrational.

Two years ago, Reichs joined her son, Brendan, to begin the Virals young adult series. Tory Brennan, Temperance’s teenage niece, lives on a secluded island off the coast of South Carolina. She and her friends, who together call themselves the “sci-philes”, become exposed to an experimental strain of the canine parvovirus, which heightens their senses and quickens their reflexes. Using these newfound talents, the team begins to solve mysteries on their island.

Reichs is an accomplished writer, drawing from her own experience as a forensic anthropologist. Bones are Forever is a quick read, though an uneasy one at times.

It’s the emotional, and ethical, dilemmas that carry the reader through the book. Abuse against children, and the child-like, is a hard subject. The babies Temperance finds weren’t even given a day of chance, and the characters in the book have a difficult time trying to grasp how someone could inflict such harm on such an innocent subject.



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