SDR Book of the Week: Here I Go Again

Here I Go Again, by Jen Lancaster. New American Library, 320 pp. $25.95

Jen Lancaster may be the first author I’ve eagerly anticipated every book she’s released. [A benefit of reviewing is that I get them now for free, because I want to spread the Lancaster awesomeness. My husband calls this cheating but I don’t care :P]

Here I Go Again is Lancaster’s second novel, and reminds me of what would happen if Back to the Future had a baby with a John Hughes movie. Lissy Ryder was the mother of all mean girls back when she was in high school. She had it all, and she rode her hairspray-set wave all the way up until just before her 20th high school reunion.

In one swift motion, her husband leaves her, she loses her job and she is evicted from her apartment on the Gold Coast. With nowhere else to go, she moves back in with her parents.

In a series of time-traveling episodes (which I won’t go much further into because that would be sucking all the joy of you actually going out and reading the book, and I wouldn’t want to do that) she gets to see how her choices in high school affect her life well after the graduation cap is chucked in the air.

At first I was a little concerned that this was just you’re typical “Don’t bully, be nice and everyone will be happy” book, but rest assured, it’s not. Even being too nice can have its consequences, and she shows that. In part this is a book about being true to yourself, and in part it’s a book about releasing control, living your own life, and letting others do the same.

For more Jen Lancaster goodness, check her out on twitter (@altgeldshrugged) or visit her blog, Jennsylvania.

She doesn’t just write fiction! Check out some reviews of her hilarious memoirs here and here


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