SDR Book of the Week: Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge

Last Car over the Sagamore BridgeLast Car Over the Sagamore Bridge, by Peter Orner. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 198 pp. $25

for a more detailed review, check out today’s edition of the Spencer Daily Reporter

In true book love, a podcast I’ve come to look forward to each week is Books on the Nightstand, where two sales representatives for Random House speak about books and book news as a side project. This year, one of the reps., Ann, has decided to read a short story each day for the entire year. And she’s, on average, kept up with it.

Before the podcast, I had never imagined reading a book of short stories a small bit at a time. I had always approached a collection the same way I’d approached a novel: sit down and read.

But when I received Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge I thought I’d try something new. I decided to read it small bits at a time. And so every few hours I’d open and read a single short story. Then I’d put the book aside and continue on with my day for a bit.

When I changed the way I approached a collection of short stories, I changed the way I approached the short story as an entire genre. One went right along with the other. All of a sudden the story was its own entity, and not simply a part of a greater show. And the more I realized this, the more I realized how much I like reading short stories.

Unfortunately, because I had to finish the book in a rather timely fashion for review, I had to sit and read the last third or so in one sitting, but I think I might go back and reread those one at a time. Reading them all at once definitely affected how I viewed the last section of the book.


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